The battle never ends: Porsche GT3 versus Camaro Z/28

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War never changes, especially between Porsche and Chevrolet. But instead of a Corvette this time, as the contenders have traditionally fought, the fearsome Porsche 911 GT3 fights…a Camaro? Is that right?

That’s right: the Z/28 was good enough to take it to the Germans. The two trackday specials race each other at the dragstrip, at Willow Springs, and on the canyons. And they match each other far closer than you think.

We hear there’ll be a new gen-6 Z/28 soon, and with a lighter, more focused base Camaro heading to dealers soon, we can only imagine how good the next Z/28 will be. So we’ll have to revisit this battle again—and hopefully sooner, than later.