The Cop that Reached Out to a Dangerous Teen and Stopped a Violent Situation Gets the Recognition He Deserves

Tensions between the troubled and angry youth of America and police are at all-time highs. We all know it can make for a dangerous situation but Charlotte, NC officer Tim Purdy knows how to handle them. He was responding to a call involving another officer and a troubled teen who had a history of depression and even some violence. Instead of escalating the situation with force, Officer Purdy decided to hunker down with the teenager and talk it out. The deescalation proved extremely effective and helped the two avoid a misunderstanding that could have led to something truly terrible. The two talked about football and anything that came to mind. The other officer at the scene was so impressed that he took of photo of Purdy with the teen and it wound up going viral and spreading to every far corner of the internet. Now the teen and officer are reunited in a heartwarming moment everyone should see.