The Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

The Lamborghini Ankonian concept by Slavche Tanevski is one of the two proposals that this guy did it for his first project at school. The design of this Lambo was done in 2008 and his design was chosen in the top 3 designs by the Chefdesigner of Lamborghini, and he got sponsored to do the model. This model was done in clay and it took him much effort and much time. He finished the hard model in July 2009.
This guy followed the Lamborghini tradition and he named the car “Ankonian” after the bull type that is popular for his black hair, and that is the reason why he chose black.
The Ankonian concept is a mid-engined supercar that shows environmental responsibility and is not green, so because of that is downsized. He didn’t choose the today’s midengine supercar clichés (cab forward, extreme width, aggressive graphical elements), but he chose cab backward classical GT silhouette, narrow body, and combination/complexity of angular and soft surfaces. Instead of showing aggression and power through some wild graphical elements, he achieved the same effect through the complexity of the main body that is rather softly designed, and the angular, sharp and stealthy elements that remind of shields.

Regarding the design language, he put the Reventon style to one level forward, even more crazy and aggressive, but more harmonious and yet elegant. The main themes behind this concept, which absolutely make the preferred design language more strong, are ‘hardcore’ and ‘underground’. This is accomplished by the triangular forms, but mostly with the combination of color matt dark grey and shiny black.
During the design process, they brought back the tradition, they did it old-school clay modeling instead the CAD modeling. It took about 6 months to build the model and it was a good chance to try different possibilities concerning the proportions and surface management. The design doesn’t look artificial, but mature.
Even though very insane and on first view complicated, all Ankonian intersections and lines work perfectly together. Because of the tension in the lines and the convex and concave surfaces, there is an impression of a dynamic and strong body. The fact that the tail of the car was put on a diet and the big canyons give the car a very light look. The arrow-like door graphic and the symbolic presence of wings make the car very dynamical, the hot-rod stance gives the Lambo a push forward.

By having very thin OLEDs installed between the surfaces and leaving the typical headlight graphic, a mysterious and eccentric feeling is achieved. The same standard was used at the back of the car too, by performing an alien-like face with those 2 big exhausts like eyes, and the diffuser like a mouth. The lights are positioned in that place that man would not expect.


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