The “Lone Marine” SSgt Tim Chambers stands tall and salutes during Rolling Thunder


Since 1988, every Memorial Day weekend the Rolling Thunder/Ride for Freedom has been held, to raise the awareness of the Prisoners of War – Missing in action of all wars, in Washington, DC.
Tim Chamber, The United States Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant, is famous in the world like The Saluting Marine for standing at attention in the middle of the street for hours during the Rolling Thunder. In the following video that is filmed in 2013, he held the salute for 3 to 4 hours while he was standing on concrete, surrounded by the motorcycle riders who zipped passed and around him. Despite the fact that he had a broken wrist, Sgt. Chambers stood to perform the powerful act honoring veterans.
He stands with his makeshift memorial – a rifle, boots, Kevlar and flack jacket – presented proudly at his feet. The families of fallen soldiers over the years have donated personal things to symbolize their spirit and body.
On those people who take part in the Rolling Thunder, the courageous feat is never lost. There are many veterans that stop on their motorcycles in order to salute Sgt. Chambers, and also thank him in return for upholding this revered tradition.
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