The most Evil Twins 1957 Chevys delivering a combined 6,000 HP

Father and son are rolling in two of the most amazing 1957 Chevys in the world.
These two cars are identical from the motor setup to the color scheme. Both Chevys have a 692 cubic inch motor with twin 88 mm turbos. They use a Gear Vendors Overdrive and push the power through a Rossler 210 Transmission. But, there are a few differences. The Jeff’s Car Evil Twin is around 800 pounds lighter than The Beast, and delivers a little bit more power. Jeff, together with his son drove the Chevys for 5 days and over 1,000 miles in order to compete in the Drag Week 2014. Jeff Lutz took down the competition with his Chevy and he was crowned the champion with a speed of 6.84 seconds at 212 MPH, while Jeff Lutz Junior at 8.27 seconds at 166 MPH. Check out the video!

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