This Crazy 1971 Dodge Charger Restomod Runs a 1,650 HP Boat Engine


In order to avoid the blasphemy of putting a non-Chrysler motor in their part-carbon 1971 Dodge Charger, SpeedKore Performance put a 9-liter offshore powerboat engine in order to make it quirky and different.

The unit is twin turbocharged for good measure, and according to the company that makes it, the power figure is as high as 1,650 hp (although closer to 1,350 hp on standard pump gas).

However, we’re not sure if the boat engine is the craziest part of this advanced restomod, or if that distinction is left to the carbon fiber bits and how they’re integrated. The entire front end is completely made out of carbon (all of it!) and it’s got a black gradient paint finish that perfectly integrates it.

The very nose is just clear coat, so that you can see the carbon, and it gets progressively darker until it turns black – a very smart choice to mask what could have turned out to be an eye-sore. Oh, and to finish it off, they also redid the rear bumper in carbon, as well.

It’s an impressive machine, and one that Jay Leno seemed to not get enough of, as you’ll see in the video.