This Is Why Runaway Truck Ramps Are So Important


While they may be a bit of an eyesore, runaway truck ramps are extremely important in limiting the damage caused by out-of-control trucks.

Found around the world, the gravel filled ramps are most commonly found on the sides of motorways and near corners which can catch truckers off guard.

If you’ve ever wondered just how effective these gravel traps can be, then watch in awe as one brings a massive semi to a stop in just a few hundred feet.

Captured on a CCTV camera, a big rig can be seen approaching a right hand bend far too hot. Unable to shed enough speed by braking around the turn, the driver makes the split-second decision to veer off into the runaway truck ramp.

As the truck hits the gravel, it is slowed down almost immediately and begins to fishtail before smashing into the concrete wall adjacent to the ramp. Remarkably, the truck didn’t roll and the driver doesn’t appear to have been injured.

Now if there wasn’t such a ramp at this corner, a trail of devastation could have been left if the truck were to crash and roll on the busy motorway, putting the lives of dozens of other motorists at risk.