This Unbelievable Mustang Crash Video Will Ruin Your Day


If you’re having a great day today, just take your cursor and click the “X” at the top of the screen, otherwise you’ll lose faith in humanity watching a bunch of yahoos yell at each other in a Texas parking lot after a woman apparently smashed her Mustang into a gas station.

Who the hell knows what’s going on in this video posted by Jeanna Edwards on Facebook. All I can gather is that a woman seems to have crashed her red five-oh Mustang into a store/gas station, and may have nearly hit some relatives of another woman, who seems extremely unhappy (a Mustang nearly hit pedestrians—you don’t say?).

The video begins with “this is some crazy shit,” which is a proper intro considering the content of the rest of the clip.

The person behind the camera literally can’t even, as she’s baffled that the Mustang ended up perched upon some red poles in front of the gas station store, saying: “I don’t know how she did this… she literally… sideways!”

That’s when all hell breaks loose, and the aforementioned extremely unhappy lady gets all up in the apparent driver’s grille. I’m not going to quote their conversation, because it isn’t worthy. Just watch the clip above if you dare. It’s nasty stuff.

Jeanna Edwards, the person who posted the video to Facebook (and who is responsible for my now-ruined day), wrote this in her video description:

This wreck just happened around 8 at the dollar store in New Caney that car is at the cage to store how she ended up like that I have no idea but the policemen of their the amateurs are there and SWAT team watch it all

She continued in the comments section, giving us her account of the happenings:

I came out of the Dollar General store and the lady that works there said call nine-one-one and we looked over there and holy moly was in that red car face in that way the two girls had done has done bailed out the car that fast and they’re trying to say that the redheaded girl was driving was that’s a lie it was the other the lady in the black was driving the car and the other girl was in the passenger side she said she had just bought this car today and she said the brakes gave out on her

What I gathered from those paragraphs—which, I’ll admit, I can’t quite fully understand— is that a woman was driving with her friend when she crashed her brand new car near the dollar store. The two women claimed a brake failure caused the carnage, and that the woman with the red hair was driving, though Edwards disagrees with the latter claim.

After the crash, the two women in the car quickly bailed out, and police, firemen and SWAT teams all came to the scene.