Top Alcohol Funny Car Tire Shake is Too Much For The Camera to Handle

When it comes to drag racing in any shape or form, the idea is to leave as smoothly as possible, eliminating all tire shake and spinning, however, that’s not always possible in practice. While it is the end goal that people chase down, it definitely takes a lot of work to get there and even the most well set up cars could have issues from time to time. With the phenomenon of tire shake, tires will chatter up-and-down, providing quite a turbulent experience and not quite the fastest pass that drivers can ask for. While it looks pretty insane from behind the car, just imagine what it looks like underneath the car.
This time, we get just that perspective as we check out a GoPro action camera that rides along underneath a Top Alcohol Funny Car to witness the tire shake from a very close perspective. It’s pretty wild that you can mount these things anywhere and watch the action first hand and this time, it just so happens that we are checking out the tires from behind as it looks like a wheelie bar mounted camera is able to capture exactly what the tires are doing from maybe two or three feet behind them as captured by wide-angle lens.
Follow along down in the video below that shows off the tire shake from quite the perspective. After watching this, you just get a new appreciation for exactly what’s going on underneath the car while it’s trying to gather together traction to make its way down the racing surface. It looks like, for this team, they’re going to have to make a little bit more of an adjustment to make this thing work perfectly. For now, I guess that we’re left with this awesome video to be able to witness it all up close and personal.