Truck Driver Films Terrifying Near Miss With Overtaking Car!!!


It doesn’t take much to understand that overtaking a vehicle that’s currently overtaking another vehicle, is one of the stupidest and most irresponsible things you can do on the road.

The driver of the white station wagon not only performed an illegal maneuver, but he also went off-road, which in turn led to him crashing his car. Of course, we don’t need the world’s greatest detective to figure out why he did it. It’s because he lost patience with the truck that was trying to overtake another truck. Keyword here is ‘trying’.

It does seem like that maneuver was taking forever and at the very least, the truck on the left could have slowed down. In Australia, for example, it is recommended that when you’re being overtaken by a road train, you should wait until the truck and its entire cargo has moved onto the outer lane before slowing down (if at all). However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here because both trucks are side by side.

Either way, the issue here isn’t with any of the trucks. It’s simply a case of one driver’s error in judgment followed by his inability to control the car in a difficult situation.