This Turbo AWD Silverado Shows Us Why You Should Never Trust A Faded Old Pickup

In the world of racing, a book can almost never be judged by its cover. Just because a car or truck looks like it’s an old workhorse doesn’t necessarily mean that what lies under the hood is a slouch. Sometimes, looks can be highly deceiving and the most normal looking vehicles can roll out.
This time, we check out a flick from the guys over at Salinas Photography as a worn out looking Chevrolet Silverado takes the task of going head to head with a boosted Pontiac Firebird that looks like it’s ready to go to war, complete with a fender exit exhaust and gnarly drag setup.

Basically, on the surface, it looks like the Pontiac is going to go to town on the owner of this poor old truck but when things unfold, that most certainly isn’t the case as the pickup packs a lot harder of a punch than just about anyone expected when it tears into the street with an all-wheel-drive launch.
Check out the video below that puts you on the scene of this battle that seems to be a slanted race that ends up giving us a good thrill at the finish line. Be sure to sound off and tell us what you think of this battle that brings intensity straight to your screen.