Twin Turbo Corvette And Hayabusa Duel On The Street!


What’s better than watching a wicked supercar trashed on the street in a couple of adrenaline-raising races? When you add phenomenal Hayabusa engine to the mix, the situation just gets even sweeter.

The words “budget” and Corvette don’t necessarily go hand in hand together, but this bad boy will catch you by surprise! With an LQ9 engine under the hood, it’s not supposed to be this fast, but after a couple of turbochargers were added to the setup, this supercar became insanely quick! While these engines aren’t known for their insane power outputs, they can take one hell of a beating and keep moving forward!

This crazy night of street racing was additionally spiced up with this monster Hayabusa motorcycle running the show. To anyone who hasn’t seen this beast in action, I advise you to do so ASAP, as your jaw will drop to the floor!

After the end of the night, all racers went home safe, and that’s always the number one priority. Do not attempt to perform this by yourself! Instead, click on the video and watch the pros go to work!