Two Harleys Built In One Super Cool Motorcycle – TWIN TRAX

Madaus TwinTrax Power

Here we can see how two Harleys joined together to create one super cool and super strong bike – The Twin Trax. Christoph Madaus took 12 years to make his dream come true, but now he owns his desired motorcycle.
The Twin Trax bike has a dragster style and it can be a dragster with all its power. It has two Harley Davidson S&S Evolution and each one gives out 80 HP and 1340 cc that makes the bike 2.7 liter engine with 160 horsepower that is really strong. The bike doesn’t look comfortable because of its two meter wheelbase and its 400 kg weight, but he designed it for himself and it looks like he enjoys it very much.


Madaus Twintrax Power


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