Video Compilation Shows Tesla’s Autopilot Crash Avoidance Feature Saving Lives

With the way the technology is evolving in all areas, including the automotive realm, we are looking at a future that is a lot brighter. When you take one look at where we were 10 years ago as compared to today, you can really see how quickly trends are moving and what we are looking toward with that future. Just to kind of help put things in focus, I’m not sure that there are too many of us out there who could’ve explained today to ourselves of 10 years ago and been able to believe everything that we said. Some of things that we see in the world are just very amazing and hard to grasp as they come out.
Today, we’re going to take a quick look at a compilation of some of that amazing technology as we get a peek inside of a collection of videos of Tesla’s autopilot crash avoidance system that helps these drivers to avoid getting tangled up in situations that would otherwise be a bad time. The idea here is that the system will step in and help out a human being when the road in front of them is either coming too quickly to the point where a quick distraction might take their eyes off of the prize and make something bad happened or even a situation where a human can’t even really detect what’s happening but the car is able to pick it out of the darkness.
Follow along in the compilation video down below to put you on the scene with some of these amazing vehicles to give you an idea of exactly how technology is helping to preserve our health and keep us alive. Being able to see this thing in action, taking it beyond just a promise and putting it in real life scenarios is pretty amazing to see. When you observe just how far we have come, as humans, and see how much further that we have to go, the future becomes a really exciting place to dabble. Only time will tell but as of now, it looks like the future is getting more and more exciting with every day.