Video Show 10 RC Vehicles That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

The world of remote control might truly blow your mind when you take a minute to look at all the ins and outs that the hobby has to offer. Not only can you spend countless hours getting involved in this hobby of building all sorts of different things but you can also take the time to appreciate some people who are part of the hobby who have taken it to another level, building some of the biggest and most insane creations that you could imagine. Seriously, though, these guys really go over the top and invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into making sure that they are among the heaviest hitters in their craft.
This time, we take a look at a list of ten different remote control contraptions that actually exist but might take a little bit of stretching of the mind for you to think about exactly how it was that they got to where they are. This list features a whole bunch of different facets of the community from a remote control helicopter that’s powered by a turbine all the way to a scaled-down jet and even a semi truck that the uploader claims would cost around $1600 for the base model of and can then rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars in accessories, modifications and simple things like paint, all to go out there and win a competition. We’re impressed!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with what are some of the most insane machines that have donned the title of “remote control.” When thinking about the investment that some people have into these contraptions, your eyes might just pop right out of your head! After checking out this list that really shows off some of the biggest attention getters when it comes to the world of remote control, be sure to tell us which of these you found to be the most impressive and if you can think of any that should be included in this compilation.