Video: Unexplained Mazda violence in Russia

You know those cranes that you see at many large grocery stores? You know, the ones with the shiny, pointy claws that can’t seem to pick up a teddy bear or some fuzzy dice. They’re infuriating to use, mostly because you know you just got duped into paying fifty cents for something that you just can’t win. They have the same claws in Russia, and apparently they’re infinitely larger, more functional and far more hostile towards the Mazda6.

Beyond the jump is some video that we just can’t explain. It involves a massive, absolutely awesome crane truck grabbing onto the roofs of a pair of perfectly good-looking Mazdas and simply tossing them into an equally huge bin attached to said truck.

We have no idea why these Mazdas were taken in such a hostile manner, but we’re hoping it’s not because they were parked in a loading zone. And why is it that we can only see Mazdas in this parking lot? So many questions. So much destruction. (We’re guessing these cars were somehow damaged and destroyed for insurance purposes, but we can’t say for sure.)

Hit the jump to watch this puzzling and destructive video for yourself, if only to marvel at the skill of the crane operator. And if you speak Russian, let us know what the guys making the video are saying.