Volvo Secretly Broke A Nurburgring Record And Didn’t Tell Anyone

Volvo is a pretty understated company. They’ve never been about flaunting their superiority to the public. Even with their incredible safety history and legendary crash testing, they rarely say anything or do anything more than write a press release or upload a YouTube video. Never do you see them bragging about it. This fact is none more apparent than the news we’ve heard about their Polestar V60, Volvo’s hot sedan. Last year the Polestar V60 broke the Nurburgring production sedan record and Volvo didn’t say a damn thing.

Volvo set the record last year directly after the 2016 WTCC Race of Germany, held at the ‘ring of course. The time? 7:51.110, which at the time beat the BMW M5 by an entire 4 seconds. That’s seriously impressive given the Polestar has a 2.0 liter, twint-turbo 4-cylinder engine producing “only” 362 horsepower and 347 lb/ft of torque.

This was, unfortunately, a short lived record as Porsche came in a few weeks later and utterly decimated the 7:51 with a 7:38 by their updated Panamera Turbo, which was then beaten by the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrablahblahblah with a 7:32.

However, being relatively new to the performance game, Volvo knew what it had and decided to not say a word. I feel that’s an even stronger move than bragging about it. Because we’re now talking about a time that isn’t a record anymore by close to 20 seconds. And when does that happen? Never.