Watch A Guy Making A Joke Video Unexpectedly Roll The Truck He’s Driving!


So this is an interesting video because we’re not entirely sure that the roll you are about to witness was unplanned.  The guy is clearly in a junkyard or some place like that. The truck he is in has already been pretty thrashed. The windshield is busted, the interior looks hashed and this guy is clearly trying to get his comedy on with the description of what he’s going to do.

As he goes ripping around the yard (or wherever he is), he’s got the thing moving at a pretty good clip and beating the stuffing out of the car. The main reason we don’t think that this was a planned roll is because the guy does not really brace himself or seem to prepare himself for what’s about to happen. That and the fact that there’s all kinds of junk flying around in the car with him.

To his credit the driver manages to actually close the video after all this mess happened! “We’re just going to cut right there…” Good idea man, your melon is starting to turn purple. We’re guessing that he landed with a thud when he unbuckled his seat belt while being suspended upside-down.

So the big question here. Did he plan this out or was this an unexpected result of messing around at high speed and losing the handle on the car. We want your forensic investigation on this one and your opinion in the comments. Planned or not?

We think this is an F-150 with an extended cab. Any ideas there?