Watch As A VW Polo WRC Is Hunted By A 10-Ton Dakar Racer Truck


There’s nothing quite as annoying as having a massive off-roader tailgating you and your tiny little hatchback. Spare a thought for WRC star Jari-Matti Latvala then as never before has a rally car looked so squeamish, tiny or insignificant as his Polo does in this clip.

Put together by Red Bull, the crazy video shows a 10-tonne Dakar Rally truck chasing Latvala in a Rally Finland special stage and is guaranteed to make your jaw drop at their chase on that narrow gravel road.

Latvala is a three-time winner at Rally Finland so doesn’t really need any more motivation to go fast through the country’s famed stages. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to want to go fast when a truck which could quite easily crush you is just feet away, following your every move like a wildebeest chasing a grasshopper.

If we had to choose between driving either though, we’d still go for the WRC car, purely out of fear of the Dakar truck flipping onto its roof during a corner.