Watch As This 1980s Dodge Truck Learns To Fly!


Do not feel bad for this Dodge D-150. Instead, understand that going out with a bang…or rather, a loud, crunching sound as the front of the truck drives into the ground like a lawn dart after some impressive flight…was probably the most glorious thing it ever achieved in it’s lifetime. Just look at the amount of air underneath that truck…the Duke Boys would be proud. The bed was gone. The glass was gone. The six-cylinder was not that healthy to begin with, but it did have just a little bit left in it, which lasted right until the radiator met the fan. We will say that Mark Freeman, the mental Canadian behind this footage, was at least smart enough to not actually be in the truck when it violated civil airspace laws, but we do question the mental capacity of anyone who is willing to hang off of the cab of a truck that has the gas pedal rigged and the transmission in drive.

We don’t doubt that the ol’ Bessie here was destined for the scrapyard, but at least it didn’t go to it’s date with the crusher quietly!