Watch Jay Payne Wipe Out The Tree In A Funny Car At Las Vegas Circa 2015


As I’ll be spending the better part of a month in and around the greater Las Vegas area starting on Wednesday, I have been thinking of some entertaining stuff that has happened at The Strip over the years. Entertaining from a spectator’s perspective of course because yesterday we showed you the big Hillary Will dragster wreck and today we’re going to show you one of the wildest rides that Jay Payne has ever taken which happened in April of 2015. We had never seen this video until yesterday, in fact we did not know that there was video in existence of this bizarre starting line crash that Payne experienced at an NHRA regional event.

You are going to see Payne lined up next to Annie Whitely in their alky funny cars. They complete the burnouts fine and then pull to the starting line. The second that the tree flashes and Jay lets out the clutch, the car spins on its axis like a Hot Wheel, mashes the Christmas tree and ends up flopping over on its side after throwing the body off. All of this happened in s split second and while Jay was fine, the car was not. Even more frustrating is the fact that this car was sold and it would be heading to the new owner after this race. Doh!

We never actually heard the official cause of this one but there are really only a couple of options. There’s fluid under the tires and there’s something in the axle breaking. It had to have bene one of those two things because if not there would have had to have been ice on the track or something of that nature.

Jay was fine and he’ll be racing at Las Vegas again this weekend in a Peak alky flopper.

Press play below to see what it looks like when a flopper kills the tree