Watch this guy crash hard into a corner and win the race


Laurens Vanthor is the name of the famous driver that crashed and won the race. He was actually leading the race, before he got overtaken by the Porsche of Earl Bamber. As they entered a turn while going at a crazy speed, Laurens made the terrible mistake of pushing his Audi R8, further than it could while entering the corner, and that’s what dis balanced his car and led to the horrendous crash, that sent his car flying. We say flying because the impact of the crash caused the nose of the car to go up in the air, and by doing so the car flipped upside down and started sliding on its roof. After a few moments, Vanthor managed to get out of his car unharmed from the crash, surprisingly, but what didn’t escape without damages, was the wall , and this is where Vanthors luck comes into play. Because the wall took a massive damage by the crash, the official were forced to call the race, which means the victory went to Vanthor, since he was in 1st place before the crash happened, and there for he was declared winner of the race.

As funny as this might sound, it is true, so next time if you feel like you’re going to be overtaken by someone, head for the wall not for the finish line.