Watch This Hotrod Embarrass Tuner’s Little 4 Cylinders


All the tuners at the car show are trying to show off by revving their engines. This guy hops in his V8 hotrod and puts them in their place.

It is a late night meet at a parking lot and there are many powerful cars all over the place. Few of them we can hear right away, making an incredible sounds and just by that we can say that we are in the right place. But that is not all, from nowhere a guy appeared with this amazing hot rod and just by saying the word Hot Rod you can imagine just what kind of sound it will make. It took him a few seconds to start the amazing hot rod but once it was running there was nothing like it on that parking lot. It looked and sounded just perfect. The sound was so dense that we can see the guy who was filming this video shaking his camera when the owner stepped on the hotrods gas. Enjoy!