Whoever Invented Wire Rope Barriers Just Saved a Few More Lives

The job of navigating a semi truck around the roadways is pretty hectic. It’s a lot more complicated than simply hopping behind the wheel and driving the cargo where it needs to go. With all kinds of things to worry about like making sure that your load is up to the highway code and long hours behind the wheel, things can get exhausting.

Now, we’re not exactly sure if this driver got into some kind of accident with another motorist or just fell asleep behind the wheel but the result was pretty catastrophic looking. If it weren’t for the handy invention of wire rope barriers, however, this bad situation probably could’ve been a lot worse for all parties!

We watch from the dash cam of another semi truck as the out-of-control truck barrels across the median and into oncoming traffic where it’s caught by the wire rope barriers that slow the truck down, causing minimal damage while keeping it from going all the way across the highway and smashing into cars driving in the opposite direction.

Check out the video below that shows off one of these barriers in action and tell us what you think of how it went about saving an even bigger collision. Do you think that this design is effective? Do you think that there are other designs out there that could be even more effective with all factors considered?