Wood Screws AND Nails Are No Match For These Tires!

There’s probably twenty holes in the rubber of these tires, but what’s on the inside is what really matters!

We’re very surprised we haven’t seen more of these! Rhino Tires seem to be the best way to avoid a deflated tire. Nails and screws are no match for this simple tire design. When the nails puncture the tire, a layer of gel is there to keep the air from seeking through the hole. When the nail is pulled out of the tire, the gel fills the hole and no air is lost. The screws and nails have no effect on the tire pressure when pressed in and taken out immediately.

The rider even goes over a board with nails like it’s nothing and then takes some wood screws and drills them right into the tire!?! Absolutely no air appears to be lost. What a cool design, these things are indestructible! Where do we gets some???