World’s Fastest Bumper Car Has Goes Over 100 mph

If you’ve ever been to a carnival or theme park, you’ve more than likely been in a bumper car. And if you’ve been on one, you know that they are incredibly slow. Seriously, bumper car manufacturers, all we want is just a little more speed for that added whiplash as you smash into your friends.

Well, one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Colin Furze, has gone ahead and added some power to a bumper car. However, it may have been a bit too much power if you’re planning on smashing it into someone. How much power? He installed a 600cc motorcycle engine into the bumper car that produces 100 bhp.

With this much power, he put The Stig into the bumper car and had him take it down a drag strip to see if it could become the world’s fastest bumper car. Spoiler alert, it broke the record with a combined run speed of 100.336 mph. Insane? Yes. Necessary? You bet. Click play below to see the insanity for yourself.