WORLD’s FASTEST DRAG RACE! (4.1s for 1/8 Mile) BLINK and IT’s DONE! Who is Your Favorite?

The drag racing world is known for fast cars, maybe the fastest cars in the world. There is needed powerful engine, strong body and unique customization of the car. But the car is only one element of the speed. The other is the driver. He needs to be concentrated and to put his eyes on the road and his ears pointed to the engine. Many drivers are making fast times on the track but after the race, the car is ruined because he didn’t took care of it.

Here on the video, there are two Pro Mod (meaning Professionally Modified) cars driven by Stevie “Fast” Jackson and DeWayne “Big Daddy” Mills which are doing really fast times. This event took place at South Georgia Motorsports Park. In drag racing 5 seconds for a run is fast but 6 seconds is slow. Here the two cars are achieving 4.11 seconds – really fast time maybe fastest at this track ever. But the difference in the time between the two cars is very low. The first car finished the race with time 4.102 seconds and the other one 4.111 seconds. That’s why the driver of the second car is nervous but it is his mistake maybe he shifted the gear slowly.

Watch the video bellow and tell us what you think, is that the possible reason, the slow shift or just a bad day?