The world’s fastest pontoon boat flies over the water

When you think of fast boats, a pontoon boat usually doesn’t come to mind. Their rectangular shape isn’t necessarily built for speed, but one guy found a way around that: add more motors!  You’ll not only be able to see the speed, but will also be able to hear it. But before you do that, let’s learn more about pontoon boats and the specs of this guy’s amazing modified boat so you can appreciate this machine even more.

The Pontoon Boat

You’ve seen them before and have probably been on one too. Pontoon boats are pleasure boats and range from very simple to extremely luxurious. Relying on pontoons to float (hence the name), they are basically big flotation devices. Pontoons can either be made from concrete or metal or from sealed cylinders like barrels or pipes. The smallest pontoon boats are built for 1 or 2 people and are inflatable, with the pontoons made of strong PVC material. On the other end of the spectrum, they can be extremely large with multiple decks. They are used not only for entertainment purposes, but for commercial purposes like ferrying people across lakes and rivers as well.

Versatility of Today’s Pontoon Boats

From just hanging out on the open water with friends and family to fishing to pulling tubers, wakeboarders, and skiers, the pontoon boats of today are quite versatile. While most just have 2 pontoons, there are some that have 3. The extra pontoon allows for faster speeds, adding even more versatility. As mentioned, the pricier pontoon boats come with high-end amenities like comfortable leather-type seating, wet bars, and even mood lighting. These boats generally range from 16-30 feet, and the biggest ones can fit up to 25 people, though some commercial ones can fit even more.

About the South Bay 925CR

The pontoon boat shown here is a South Bay 925CR. It’s a basic sport model with comfortable seating for about 10 people. Here are a few of the 925CR’s standard features:

  • Soft-touch vinyl furniture
  • 8 gallon freshwater tank
  • AM/FM radio, MP3 with 4-speaker sound system
  • Steel spring suspension seating
  • Navigation LED lights
  • Vinyl floor
  • Privacy hoop and curtain sundeck

Obviously, this pontoon boat isn’t your standard 925CR though.

Mercury Boat Motor Specs

The big difference here of course is with the motor. Where most pontoon boats have just one motor, this one has 3. And they aren’t just any motors, they’re Mercury Pro Max 300s. These are legit racing motors designed to maximize performance. But don’t just take my word for it—take a look at some of the key specs and features:

  • 3.2 liter V6 powerhead
  • Balanced and stroked crankshaft
  • 300 + horsepower
  • 2-stage fuel injection for greater efficiency
  • Multiple gearcase options and shaft lengths
  • 60-amp alternator to power onboard electronics

Now take all that power generated by one motor and times it by 3, and you can see why this particular pontoon boat is so fast.

Other Fast Boats

When witnessing the speed of this boat, you may wonder what some of the top speeds of other types of boats are. Well, there are speedboats and hydroplaning boats that this pontoon boat can’t come close to, and then there are other boats that aren’t typically fast like this pontoon boat that have been souped up. Here are just a few of the top speeds of boats designed to go fast, as well as those that aren’t designed for speed:

  • Canadian Hydrofoil Warship: 72 mph
  • Vestas Sailrocket 2 Sail Boat: 75 mph
  • The World Is Not Enough Yacht: 80 mph
  • Spirit of Qatar Catamaran: 244 mph
  • Bluebird K7 Hydroplane: 276 mph

Not Fast Enough?

How fast is Brad Rowland’s pontoon boat shown? You’ll have to watch to find out, but let’s just say that it’s quite a bit faster than the fastest yacht. Still, Rowland isn’t satisfied with the record he obtained and thinks he can make the boat go even faster with some modifications. He spent 5 years tuning his boat to obtain the current speed it’s capable of, so you could imagine that making it go even faster could take a bit of work.

A Mercury Motor Powered Beast of a Boat

Take a look and see if you are impressed at the top speed as I was. The amazing thing for me was how high the water shoots out from the three mercury motors.

Some background on this pontoon boat:

  • It is owned by Brad Rowland.
  • It really does go 114 miles per hour
  • It has triple Mercury Pro Max 300 HP engines
  • It screams on the water!
  • To see the inside of this pontoon boat and to get a feel of what it feels like going over 100MPH in this thing, check out this video below.