Wow! This ’55 Chevy Drag Car Has Looks As Wicked As Its Performance!


Years of hard work really paid off for a father and son duo that built this gorgeous 1955 Chevrolet drag car featured below. It is 9 years in the making and the pro street type of build that resulted has both the looks and performance that is truly mind-blowing.

First is the awesome stance that’ll hook anyone up at first sight. Then the combination of black and silver paint is deadly attractive. It highlights the classic body style whilst creating an aura of freshness and modernness. And there’s a nice exhaust coming out to the side too.

The interior work was done by Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors and it’s stunning. It looks modern in its all black set-up and no detail was left out despite all the hassles the roll bars probably caused during the interior work. Seats are in black with some highlight stitching and carbon fiber pieces to the side. And add all the carbon pieces placed in the dashboard and steering wheel just makes everything so cool. Really classy with nothing too flashy.

This one has no hood attached yet but what’s packed in the engine bay is something so sick. It’s fitted with a Scott Shafiroff built 540 cubic inch V8 engine with 10-71 Blower delivering 1250 HP and can max out up to 1500 HP.

This video has a bonus burnout at the end too. You better check everything out for yourself and enjoy!